Balanced Living Ayurveda - The Path to Peaceful Well-being
"My consultation with Upásana was an important step in my personal healing.  What I appreciate most about her guidance is the way she empowers me to understand my unique constitution, based on my own experience.  She has given me a "bag of tools" to address the inevitable imbalances that will occur in life.  As a yoga teacher she brings gentle compassion and enthusiasm to her students as she shares a deep understanding of how the asanas affect the body.  And last but not least ~ shirodhara with Upásana is pure bliss!"
KK, Eugene, OR
"I first met with Upásana several months ago for an Ayurvedic consultation, which included a lifestyle and nutritional evaluation and private yoga instruction.  I then had a series of 4 shirodhara treatments, which were truly incredible.  What I most appreciate about Upásana is her openness and acceptance, as well as her ability to adapt her Ayurvedic recommendations to suit the modern world.  I'm happy to say that I've incorporated the wisdom she shared into my daily life and feel much healthier as a result.  Now that I know her better, I can say without reservation that Upásana teaches from heart and truly lives what she teaches."
JR, Eugene, OR
"Upásana brings a clear and compassionate presence to the healing she offers.  You feel deeply cared for and honored as she partners with you on your healing journey.  I have had profound insights through her shirodhara treatments as well as relief from vertigo, knee pain and mild anxiety through her skillful consultations.  She is a gem of a healer in our community."
MD, Eugene, OR
"Upásana is a gifted Ayurvedic counselor and yoga instructor. She tailored a yoga program to suit my individual needs. From the very first session I knew her professional evaluation of my lifestyle, diet and exercise would yield the results I had been seeking for a long time. She skillfully combines Ayurvedic counseling, yoga training and therapeutic shirodhara treatments with knowledge, understanding and a compassionate heart. I would highly recommend her without reservation to anyone looking for a deeper integration of a healthy body, mind and spirit."
LA, Eugene, OR
"My consultation with Upásana was a gift, literally and figuratively.  She is, as a practioner, very professional, kind, quiet, unassuming and most of all obviously very skilled in her knowledge of Ayurveda.  After a short time of following her simple lifestyle recommendations I have noticed a difference in how I feel."
LS, Eugene, OR 
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